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  • Commercial & Adaptive Reuse
  • 200 W Water St & 109 N Main St, Elmira, NY
  • Budget:

Werdenberg's, formerly a men and boys' clothing store in the Richard Werdenberg Building, was revitalized by Johnson-Schmidt & Associates into a fully accessible commercial space with apartment housing. The building's location at the intersection of Main St and Water St allowed for the interior design to embrace and re-utilize the existing windows, providing great views of the bustling city from these bright and airy spaces. The original brick walls and luxurious wooden floors add depth and richness to the building, while the pale painted finishes brighten up each room, creating a comfortable living space.

The revitalization of the building has also contributed to the city's fabric, with a bohemian coffee shop and Thai restaurant currently thriving in the downstairs retail area.

In partnership with
Envision Elmira, LLC
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