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John W. Jones Museum

  • Restoration
  • Davis St, Elmira, NY
  • Budget:
    $850,000 (Multi-phased)

This early house built on the edge of Woodlawn Cemetery was the residence of Underground Railroad Station Master, John W. Jones. Jones was the sexton of Woodlawn, and he oversaw the burial of thousands of Confederate Soldiers who died at Elmira's Civil War Prison Camp.

Over the years, the home was turned into a rental property and was substantially modified. Seeking to acknowledge the abolitionist's significance as a unifier, a nonprofit organization advocated restoring the building as a museum. J-S&A was contracted to study the home's relevance and implement rehabilitation. The project's initial phase created a comprehensive Historic Structure Report, including the period wallpaper and restoring the original porch. The second phase undertook structural stabilization and exterior restoration

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